Career Gide: Job Scope in Chartered Accountancy Course

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Job Scope in Chartered Accountancy Course

Todays’ world offers a broad bunch of areas for one to excel. We just need to choose something based on two basic criteria – our interest and our abilities. Once we are done with this task, there should be no looking back. Just proceed on with 100% passion, 100% perseverance and 110% practice to excel in the curriculum of the chosen career field. (We will talk about one career path in detail every month. This month’s discussion will be on Chartered Accountancy Course).

Chartered Accountancy

Having chosen a career and completing the course; then comes the execution. This is the most important part as it will help us achieve our targets and goals. If we want to start up a new venture, then begin with a size as per your resources, a size which ‘you’ can manage well. Then with same passion, perseverance and practice – Achieve the Goal. Yes, it’s not as easy as I said. At the same time I will say that actually, it’s as simple as that.

If you really have that hunger to achieve, you are not taken back by the failures; instead, you are learning from them and moving forward with more enthusiasm, more efforts and more energy – nothing in the world can stop you. Consider a Person ‘X’ starting up with a small job and consistent hard work and determination to achieve the goal – succeeds. Whereas, another person Y, having all the resources started up a big venture – couldn’t grow. What makes the difference here? If resources were important then why did Person Y fail? The emphasis will always be on the willingness and determination to succeed by hook or by crook.

This obsession keeps you moving forward always in spite of existing hindrances, ups & downs in the path and even complete failure in the venture started. It simply requires constant focus on the plan, action paths, ways to overcome the hindrances and the desired goal. This constant focus is the only thing which differ a successful person from a struggling person.

Having known how to choose a career and path to succeed, let’s now know about one such career paths in detail this month – Chartered Accountancy Course – a course with many career options. Interestingly, each subject of the CA curriculum offers many career options to the course aspirants.

Chartered Accountancy Course is chosen by people whose interest is in accountancy, taxation, audit or law. (Anyhow, some choose the course because their friends had chosen it!!). The course duration is 4-5 years. The Course is designed to make you perfect in many areas. Thus, just fall in love with the subjects and you will see yourself as a master of the profession at the earliest. Various stages of the CA Curriculum have been listed in the table given below:

Steps Time to appear Curriculum Passing % Registration cost
Chartered Accountancy Course:  Register for Foundation Course
Foundation Exam (Entrance) After 12th (Registration can be after 10th but before 4 months from the exam month) 2 Subjective and 2 Objective Papers (with negative marking) 40% in each paper & 50% in aggregate Rs.9,000

Chartered Accountancy Course: Register for Intermediate Course

ICITSS Program




After Foundation, before commencing Articleship Four weeks of integrated course on IT and soft skills. Complete the hours and obtain passing certificate from the institute Rs.6,500 for ICITSS and Rs.7,000 for Orientation Course
Intermediate Exam After completing 8 months study course 4 papers in Group I and 4 papers in Group II 40% in each paper & 50% in aggregate Rs.15,000
Articleship After passing either or both the groups of Intermediate course 3 years of articleship under a CA Complete the hours of practice as per the curriculum Rs.1,000

Chartered Accountancy Course: Register for Final Course

Advanced ICITSS Program




During the last two years of Articleship but before appearing in the Final Exam Four weeks of advanced integrated course on advanced IT and Management Communication Skills Complete the hours and obtain passing certificate from the institute Rs.7,500 for Advanced ICITSS and Rs.7,000 for Management Communications Skills Course
Final Exam Appear for the exam on completion of the training or while serving last 6 months 4 papers in Group I and 4 papers in Group II 40% in each paper & 50% in aggregate Rs.22,000


The Course is divided into three levels with few trainings and articleship. The Articleship plays an important role in shaping your future. So, choose the firm intelligently. In case you go with Big Four CA Firms, they will surely give you expertise in the field you work, say audit or direct taxation or indirect taxation or risk management. It means you will gain good exposure in any one field. So, you just need to make sure that you also get some working knowledge of other areas. And since everyone can’t get into the Big Fours’, it’s not that they can’t be an expert. Interestingly, in mid-size firms, you get exposure and expertise in many areas. You learn to handle clients, audits, taxation matters, ROC filings, filing of various returns, replying to notices from tax and other authorities and so on. So, you need to choose the firm after knowing who are the clients, what areas they handle, will you be able to master what you wish to.

Once you are done with the course, you may choose to go either into practice of the profession or you may go for employment in a CA Firm or any other firm, company, etc. There is lot of demand and scope for CAs in the market. Even in practice or employment, one can specialize in any particular field like accounting, auditing, taxation, legal, risk management, valuations, mergers & acquisitions, etc.

CA in Practice:

In case you wish to start up your own practice, you need to possess good communication and marketing skills. One must have good contacts so that they can move faster. However, you need to have resources and patience to get you through the initial phase of the practice. But once you reach stability, there is no limit where you can reach.

CA in employment:

Employment also has its own merits and demerits. It doesn’t require resources or that initial struggle except for getting through the interview in the desired company. And then just with your intellect and corporate skills, you can grow from an accountant to a CEO/CFO of the Company.

Global Opportunities:

CA’s have many opportunities in abroad too. Once a person becomes CA, he can easily clear CPA of USA or ACCA of UK and excel in foreign countries. Indian CA course is also recognised by many foreign countries.

Sectors for CAs:

CA’s can work in many sectors – Finance, Banking, Equity Research, Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Teaching, Project planning and so on… The list seems endless

C A field

To summarize it more precisely, till the time there will be demand for goods & services, production will take place and accounting will be necessary. So, till the time the businesses grow, the scope for CA course is bound to grow.

Nidhi Jain    [ C A] chartered accountant

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