Editor Talk

Editor Talk :- The culture of India is a culture of cordiality, harmony and respect. People of every religion, caste and sect live together on this sacred land.  Only with the cooperation of each other, societies develop themselves, and people of this mindset are becoming helpful in taking forward the country and society.

By means of Tathastu India Magazine, Tathastu Bhava Networks is determined to present the culture and developments taking place in India and abroad from its lens. Their team has the understanding and passion to highlight not only the good but also the shortcomings of society, with scope for betterment. Understanding the responsibility of journalism, utmost importance is given to writing impactful content keeping the truth in mind.

Currently the world is going through an economic slowdown due to various reasons. Unemployment has risen across the globe. There is a conflict going on in the political world. In such times, we believe that unbiased perspectives and the truth of the events conveyed by us to the readers will be appreciated.

Our team is operating so that articles related to world, country, state, politics, sports, religion, society, education, business and entertainment are available for you to read.  We would like you also to join this initiative. For this, you can try by keeping us updated by bringing to light every positive event and work happening around you.

Editor Talk

Editor Talk by Jitendra Kothari