Punjab Police Tightens Noose on Waris Amritpal Singh

Punjab Police making progress catching Waris Punjab De group leader, Amritpal Singh. Six associates of his were arrested in three vehicles by the police, while Singh escaped arrest in a Mercedes car.

The police are actively pursuing Amritpal Singh, who faces three cases including hate speech, and they are expected to capture him soon.

The Punjab police detained six of Singh’s associates in two vehicles when they surrounded his convoy near Mahatpur after closely monitoring it throughout the morning. During the operation, a large number of weapons was also recovered from the associates of Amritpal Singh.

This is not the first time that the Punjab police have taken action against the associates of Amritpal Singh. A few days ago, the police had arrested Gurinder Singh, who was attempting to leave the country. Previously, the police had issued a lookout notice against him and had canceled the arms licenses of nine associates of Amritpal Singh.

The Punjab Police is taking this matter seriously and is doing everything possible to bring Amritpal Singh to justice. It is a matter of concern that groups like Waris Punjab De are promoting hate speech and violence. Report suspicious activity and cooperate with the police to maintain peace and order in the state.

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