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As the wave of change crosses business, economy and society like never before, Tathastu India is steadfast that its readers have all the needed upgrades to challenge tomorrow. It takes its readers deeper to give a complete understanding of a new world.

Tathastu India is a monthly magazine with a well-versed viewpoint on news and issues. Published from New Delhi, with editorial units and contributors across India and the world, the general-interest magazine blends the original with the cutting edge in its reporting of Indian politics, business, international relations and arts, culture, books and trends.

About us For Tathastu India Magazine

The Tathastu India family is a group of extraordinary enthusiastic people with originality at our core, and effervescent storytelling in our genes along with one goal i.e. to drive evolution & novelty within our community – and push the world forward.

We chose the name Tathastu India because we were enthused by the power of veracity to create greater motion and force. Our journalism is branded by in-depth, shrewd observation and investigation of issues and events at the regional, national and international levels. Our stories are all-inclusive.

For those who appraise truthful reporting and study, Tathastu India is for you. We aim to build up faithful, intelligent and socially conscious readership. We aim to remain principally focussed on people’s concerns.

We wish to command the highest circulation and readership amongst all politics & business magazines in India. We are targeting a wide distribution network viz. the Ministries, Chambers, Diplomatic Missions, International Organizations, Foreign Agencies, Government bodies, Universities, Trade forums, Leading Corporate, Export houses, Business class hotels, Airlines, Local News Stands and so on.