US Report Highlights Human Rights Concerns in India

A recently released report by the United States has highlighted a number of human rights issues in India, including violations of freedom of expression, religious freedom, and discrimination against marginalized communities.

What are Human Rights?

Every individual possesses inherent rights. These rights encompass the right to life and personal freedom. These rights also include the right to be free from any form of slavery or torture. Additionally, these rights entail the right to express one’s opinions freely. Furthermore, these rights involve the right to work and access to education, among numerous others. These rights apply regardless of an individual’s race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other social status.

The United States State Department has released its annual report on human rights practices in India. The US Congress mandated a report on human rights. Released by Secretary of State Antony Blinken.  Details numerous challenges to freedom of expression    Arbitrary arrests and detentions,  Extrajudicial killings  Property confiscation and destruction without due process  Discrimination against minority groups Freedom of association infringements in 2022.

In addition to the report on India, the latest edition also criticizes Russia and China for their massive violations of human rights, as well as other nations such as Iran, North Korea, and Myanmar.

US report on Human rights of India

US State Dept’s annual report on human rights in India highlights concerns including lack of accountability for official misconduct at all levels of gov’t resulting in widespread impunity. Lax enforcement, shortage of trained police and under-resourced courts contribute to low convictions.

The Indian government doubts the report’s credibility and accuses the US government of trying to tarnish India’s global reputation.  India has rejected similar reports in the past. The government has emphasized that the country has well-established democratic practices and robust institutions, to safeguard the rights of all citizens. The Indian Constitution, according to the government, provides for adequate safeguards under various statutes to ensure the protection of human rights.

The State Department’s report highlights several significant human rights violations in India in 2022. The violations comprise of:

Unlawful and arbitrary killings,

Torture, and

Cruel treatment or punishment by police and prison officials,

Life-threatening prison conditions.


The report also notes arbitrary arrest and detention, political prisoners or detainees, and arbitrary or unlawful interference with privacy.

The report highlights limitations on freedom of expression and media, such as violence, unjustified arrests/prosecutions of journalists, and enforcement/threats of criminal libel laws.


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