Mammography camps organised by Rotaract Club

Rotaract Club of Physiotherapy Scholars, RID 3012, one of the youth wings of Rotary International, works each day for the community in all ways possible.

In an effort to create awareness about breast cancer, Rotaract Club of Physiotherapy Scholars under their flagship Project NoCan organises online sessions, offline campaigns and conducts mammography camps.

Under the leadership of Rtr. Bhavya Mehta, total 3 Mammography camps have been organised by the Rotaract Club of Physiotherapy Scholars, which were sponsored by Rotary Club of Delhi Monarch.

A woman’s breast changes throughout her life. Aging, weight fluctuations, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breast feeding, contraceptive pills, other hormone pills and menopause can produce these changes.

While most changes are natural and harmless, some of them can be an early sign of breast cancer and hence need to be checked. Breast changes are often observed by women themselves. Therefore, all women should be taught to examine their own breasts, and look out for any unfamiliar changes. Women above 35 years of age should be essentially examined on an annual basis.

Mammography camp

Breast cancer in developing countries is on the rise. There are currently no guidelines to screen women at risk in India. Since mammography in the western world is a well-accepted screening tool to prevent late presentation of breast cancer and improve mortality, it is intuitive to adopt mammography as a screening tool of choice.

Since Mammogarphy is an expensive diagnostic tool with logistical issues, a total of 3 Mammography Camps were organised by the club. The Mammography Van covered three different locations -Badarpur Border, Rohini and Dashrathpuri, so as to make this screening tool accessible free of cost to as many women as possible.
More than 50+ women got their breast examination done.

The mammography van could help women of remote areas and underprivileged sections of the society to get their disease detected and treated well in time.

These camps act as catalysts for women to seek timely medical attention or opportunities to discuss with their local health care workers concerns about discovering new lumps or developing breast cancer symptoms.

We are indebted to Rtn. Naman Jain Sir and Rtn. Radhika Goel Mam, for giving us the opportunity and unparalleled support.

Rotaract Club of Physiotherapy Scholars, RID 3012 is glad to be able to bring light into the lives of the beneficiaries.

Mammography camp

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