Shelvin Foundation celebrated it’s 1st Foundation Day

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Foundation Day gives us a chance to celebrate our 1st anniversary as an organisation. Emma Shelvin Foundation celebrated it’s 1st Foundation Day on 20th April 2022. Emma was designed in 2014 and the real framework started in 2021, with the aim of playing a vital role towards strengthening women leadership at grassroots levels, which enables women to realize their full potential and power in all spheres of life, breaking all the stereotypes in our society, so that they can contribute more to ensure women’s overall empowerment.

It has been said and believed since long that for any great work to be done, it is important to have the right foundation. It actually forms the platform on which the future stands. This exactly stands true for Emma Shelvin Foundation.

While saying something on Foundation, we should not miss thanking the founders of this great organization Ms. Sakshi Mishra, who had a vision of generating the women’s confidence to take decisions in every spheres of life .

The energy and passion of the Volunteers was visible in the performances that they put up. Our senior Director Mr. Pradeep Kapoor , along with Director Mr. Himanshu Sharma and other esteemed dignitaries Mrs. Anuradha Gupta, Mrs. Geetika Pasan , Mrs. Ranjana Singhal & Ms. Yashika graced the occasion and took part in the celebrations.

Events started with a Ganesh Vandana, seeking blessings of God and with beautiful messages by our Chief guests, Director Mr. Himanshu Sharma Chairman Senate – Mr. Aditya Prakash and Face of Emma Miss Sakshi Mishra. Adding upon the dance on saraswati vandana was like ice on the cake, event went continuous with another dance performances depicting women empowerment and with the speeches of Current authorities :-

  1. Ms. Nidhi Parmar President of Emma
  2. Ms. Shivani Rao,(Vice President of Emma)
  3. Ms. Priyanka Mahapatra (General Secretary of Emma)
  4. Ms. Aafreen (Coordinator of Emma).

As Emma Shelvin Foundation is a Unit of Shelvin Foundation likewise there are other units as well. We were obliged to have all the other Units heads with us who have shared their views about Emma Shelvin Foundation.

  1. Ephebe Shelvin Foundation ( CHIEF PROVOST):- Mr. Mayank Mehta
  2. EPHEBE STATE REPRESENTATIVE BOARD (ESRB) :- Ms. Megha Mudgal (Head Observer) , Priyanka Ghosh ( National President)
  3. INFORMATION ERA (INE) Chairman :- Ms. Neha Verma

A short video Presentation was also played by our host of the day Ms. Shreshtha Sharma it included the message of those mentors of Emma who are living out of station .

These are :-
  1. Brand Ambassador Emma:- Mrs. Rashmi Jain ( from Punjab) .
  2. International Representative ( Philippines) :- Ms. Luisa Gomez
  3. Professor :- Dr. Pragya Gupta
  4. Professor at University of Delhi :- Dr. Bharti
  5. Beautician :- Mrs. Sneha Singh
Then the very important celebration came in form of AWARD CEREMONY

This is a celebration of leadership, courage and innovation, and the women who are making a difference in our community
These awards include:-

Grace :- “Grace” is the highest civilian award of the Shelvin Foundation. It is awarded in recognition of exceptional service/performance of the highest order in field of human endeavour.

First “Grace” Recognition goes to the women who is courageous enough to stand for herself and other women, A beacon of inspiration for all, an institutions of honour & Grace. Miss Sakshi Mishra (Face of Emma) for making a difference.

Shelvin Foundation

Miss Sakshi Mishra has proven herself in every aspect & outstanding contributions to women’s endeavour, the way Sakshi has celebrated womanhood is enchanting , it requires immense Magnitude & Courage to stand not only to self but for all. She’s not only a leader but an inspiration to all other women out there.

Sakshi empowers and supports each and every Girl, She’s the Idea behind the Emma, her dedication and hard-work is unbeatable. She sets the example for all the women out there. She is changing landscape in which women serve. She has created a new generation of female role models. Her commitment towards the better Generation is commendable and must be celebrated.

This Memento & Token of Respect , “Grace” is just a good gesture from Shelvin Foundation to tell how indebt organisation is to her Efforts.

EMMA OF THE YEAR :– Emma Of The Year award brings together trailblazers and visionaries, celebrating some of the most prolific achievers from various disciplines, be it fashion, business, philanthropy, or sport. It is a salute to the most incredible power of women and womanhood.

This award is given to those who not only embraces their personal ability to create influence for meaningful change but influences others to embrace theirs. #we #stand #with #them #in #their #achievements.

Emma of the year 2021 goes to Great Kathak dancer and choreographer at International level Mrs. Monalisa Roy.

FACE OF EMMA:- “Face of Emma” Emma is about every women to follow her own dreams, every Emma is graceful in her own special way, it doest not set standards & judge you out that is why “Face of Emma” is most difficult to choose, because she flies with her own wings. There can be no set boundaries & visions for the same.Have you ever wondered how to turn your dreams into a reality? Self Made -Emma , a women is whole, complete, Divine & eternal. a collective set of characteristics that we call “Emma” a combination of personality, values, & an aesthetic visual identity” Face of Emma Sakshi Mishra : coalesce to represent it, Emma doesn’t exist without you.”Human beings are innately wired to gravitate toward those who are relatable and honest, align with their own life stories, and believe in the same values.” This is Sakshi Mishra for Emma. The chasm between grace believed and grace lived results from a
faulty definition of the word. Sakshi Mishra has lived “Emma” in every Possible sense.

EMMA ORDER:- This title is given with the consent of Founder & president Emma to the one who has contributed in the development of Emma with wholeheartedly, who have made an important and recognisable contribution to building honest relationships, values input, leads by example . recipient of this award is an extraordinary woman who has manifested a legacy that continues to inspire others.

This year the title goes to _Ms. Aafreen ( Coordinator Emma)

Shelvin Foundation

WOMAN OF VISION :- Vision shapes our future. Vision shows us the way. Vision needs vision builders. This award is dedicated to the accomplishments of outstanding women — women who have implemented their passion and whose vision , dedication and actions inspire us all and help Emma to touch the new heights.

This year the title goes to _Ms. Shreshtha Sharma_ ( Former Vice President & a permanent member of Emma)

Honour was given by none other than our respected Chief guests and Director of The organization. We honoured our Brand Ambassador Mrs. Rashmi Jain (Finalist Haut Monde 2019 , Social Butterfly) with a token of love and gratitude. Emma authorities gave vote of thanks to all the chief guests.

The Day was started very Beautifully and ended with cake cutting ceremony by all the women of Emma and a very beautiful singing & dance performance also presented by Chhaya, Prerna , Himanshu Rana , Sonu Burman, Anjali Negi, on women empowerment which gave the messages Women’s are already Empowered she just need to rise up and stand for herself ~ She Flies with her own wings~

Special thanks to :-
  • Pratibha, Ranjana Sharma, Harsha, Priya Khushboo , Bhargavi, Vanshika ( Decoration Department)
  • Vivek Yadav & Lipsa :- Photography & Video recording.
  • Neelam & Shruti Jain :- Refreshment distribution
  • Sonu Pandey , Sumit Yadav, Rohit & Avneesh:- Management .

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