Spirituality gaining popularity among Youth

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The thriving concern for most parents and society largely, is their desire to see their children following the path of spirituality. They pray and expect that they will grow to love and serve God and his men. However, in the present scenario, it is difficult to expect the youth to be spiritual minded as they go through their period of adolescence and emerging adulthood, when they are confronted on every side by immorality and materialism.

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It is not essential that spirituality in the lives of young people has to be a journey on the path of a particular religious devotion. It can also be a process contributing to a higher level of connectivity, a simple belief in the existence of a divine light guiding our lives away from disillusionment. Spirituality can be conceived as the life affirmed in a relationship with God, self, community, and environment which leads to the nurturing and celebration of wholeness.

Why Today’s Youth needs spirituality

The youth of today is often disturbed by questions about life and are curious to know ‘What is a meaningful life ? Why do we exist ? What should we accomplish in life ?’ When succumbed by such existential frustration they tend to think in abstract terms and explore future possibilities. In this competitive world, the desire to be the best and achieve success makes them so goal-oriented that they are unable to cope with their emotions when overcome by failure. That is when the great misunderstanding sets in their mind, that all comforts are because of our efforts and all discomforts are because of other people, or given by destiny. Consequently, they fall prey to madness when in comfort and become a victim of misery when in discomfort. The only solution to this problem is prudence and wisdom which can be obtained by the grace of God.

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The understanding that life is governed by both hard work and karma can lead them to develop a better emotional rationalism. To achieve this, there is a need to attach one’s ego identity to a religious or spiritual identity, to be able to live a life of purpose. Positive thinking, accompanied with a spiritual sense of self should be adopted as a way of life. As Mahatma Gandhi has also urged and shown the world by the kind of life he led for his countrymen, “As human beings our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world− that is the myth of the atomic age− as in being able to remake ourselves”.

Help of a spiritual mentor

This can be done with the help of a spiritual mentor who can show us the path of righteousness by instilling values that prevent us from committing sins and teach us ways of coping with failure. Peer pressure, encouraging them to do evil, and societal pressure such as humanism, hedonism and atheism promoted in educational institutions and media makes the youth of today take indiscrete decisions. The battle they face in the outside world leading to a war with their souls and their conscience can be unified by placing trust in the divine power or spiritual masters who make us spiritually strong and take us to the path of salvation.

The lust for money, fame and power makes us greedy and drowns the soul. The pride of life and arrogance that comes because of the struggles of modern living pulls one away from God. In order to survive in the field of cutthroat competition, one forgets that one has to reap what one sows. One should not spend the first half of our life making the second half miserable. Thus, by seeking God’s providential aid and a spiritual teacher’s guidance, true wisdom can be gained which greatly enhances one’s quality of life and makes the society a better place to dwell.


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