TATHASTU BHAVA NGO conducts Mental Health awareness campain

Tathastu Bhava is a family of people who are always enthusiastic to help those in need. This time we have decided to provide you with some essential information regarding “Mental Health”.

Health Awareness is a basic yet significant topic about which many of us don’t like talking. Awareness is important because it is tied up with building an understanding of one’s emotional needs and the possibility to be powerless against further situations of psychological instability.

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Awareness is a productive procedure. It doesn’t happen after the first case of dysfunctional behaviour, nor requires an analytic mark. It is a perplexing and individual learning process that includes a developing comprehension of oneself and the spot of psychological maladjustment within the self. It is the mystery of recognizing expected defenselessness to future illness while expanding psychological well-being and not being compelled by a dysfunctional behaviour debilitated job.

Why it is necessary?

Awareness is education. The more we know about it, better the care. We live in a society where if we find someone with any mental health issues, we’ll call them by labels, “She is Lazy”, “He is Unsafe’, “Possessed” and whatnot. The reason why people need to be aware of mental illnesses is for the sake of helping those going through that phase.
Awareness can likewise make new enhancements for the intellectually sick. As there is more interest from people in general, it can create a progression of consideration. This consideration can, in the long run, bring about incredible changes for the intellectually sick. It can prompt enhancements for strategy, examination, and administration

Initiatives that you can take: Tathastu Bhava

Our TATHASTU BHAVA NGO’s motive is to help the needy ones in all aspects who cannot afford to help themselves financially and we believe that “mental illness” is the disease which a “financially fit” person can also go through.
Why keep on living in a network where there is judgment when we have an opportunity to promote awareness on the issue.

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Here are a few initiatives which we suggest:

  1.  Try to observe the habits of another person. (Who, you think is going through this)
  2.  Give your time and attention. (This will keep them motivated)
  3.  If in your network, anyone is going through mental illness, convey this to their families. (Family member must know about it).
  4.  Awareness is the key to development. (Keep Sharing)
  5.  Do not think it’s “their” problem, take it as the problem of society.


We understand, spreading awareness demands your time but it can help others from losing their life. We all are aware of the recent crisis of the Coronavirus outbreak. Due to this unnatural calamity, people of all age groups are going through various issues. Amidst the lockdown, many of our young companions have lost their lives and some are still in depression.
We recommend you to read more about “mental illness”, listen about it, do not isolate it from physical illness, talk to someone who has more knowledge about it, keep sharing, talk about it loudly, share within your network and ask them to share within their networks, start a chain. Let’s do it together, let’s reach and teach together. Let’s say “YOU’RE NOT ALONE”, to every individual who needs to listen to this.

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