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Provided relief through Social media across India during lockdown
It is said that seeds are small but they grow up to be big trees. Likewise, diamond is compact but cuts through huge mountains. Similarly, in the time of this global Covid-19 pandemic, a significant initiative was taken by a small NGO, Tathastu Bhava of providing relief and coordinating the accessibility of food requirements and medical facilities to those in need. They were able to reach out to thousands of helpless people at the time of lockdown using social media.
Mr Jitendra Kothari, Founder of Tathastu Bhava NGO said, “Our organization and the ‘Fight against Covid-19’ Group together have distributed around a thousand tons of ration and food packets to those in need.” He added, “The requests coming through Facebook, Twitter and Telegram were examined and communicated to them at the right place and at the right time through thousands of Corona warriors including state government workers and voluntary self-help resources. Kothari, while referring to those who have made this possible, added that the ‘Fight Against Covid-19 Group’ comprised of administrative officers, doctors, civil services aspirants and various self-help organizations.
tathastu bhava chairman
Each institution and its network of administrative officers was utilized to cater to the needs of people of their region. Symptomatic advice by specialist Allopathic and Ayurvedic doctors was also provided to people with early corona symptoms in the group, to defeat Corona at its earliest stage. Mr Yogesh Garg, the chief volunteer from Tathastu Bhava, who has just been appointed as an IFS officer told, “It is believed an organization has power, but at the time of this pandemic, we inspired everyone to come together and it is a great pleasure to feel united and see everybody working toward it by realizing the power of this organization”.
Tathastu bhava activiti
Corona warriors from this group of communicators and food distributors− Agnivesh from Karol Bagh, Delhi, Satyendra Singh from Bikaner and Nikita Singh from Alwar, Rajasthan, Deepak Gaur from Mathura and Himanshu Rajan from Jhansi, U.P.−all of them state it a matter of pride for them to be able to cooperate in this pandemic, “We came together, forgetting the communal discrimination in the country and solved the problem of food scarcity by bridging gaps and filling loopholes, it overwhelms our hearts with pride and love for each other and the country.”

What does Tathastu Bhava NGO stand for ?

Mr Jitendra Kothari, Founder, Tathastu Bhava NGO said that their organization was registered in the Trust Act 2014. “In the last 5 years we have worked on education, medicine and talent development. We aim to bring slum children’s talents to the world stage. The Trust conducts various training programmes and talent hunt events for this.” He further added that Tathastu Bhava is a Non-Government Organization. Government assistance has not been taken for any activity so far. The organization is registered with Niti Aayog and 80G certified. 80G certification provides tax exemption to donors.

Branches of Tathastu Bhava :

According to Mr Jitendra Kothari, Founder, the organization has its registered office in Delhi.  Branches have been operational in Hisar, Haryana, Bikaner and Udaipur, Rajasthan. Planning and work of launching new branches in Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata is on. In all Tathastu Bhava branches, activities are carried out by volunteers in slum areas.

Corona Warriors for this Campaign:

As told by Mr Jitendra Kothari, Founder, Tathastu Bhava NGO the Corona warriors from the ‘Fight Against Covid-19 Group’ included Deputy Collector Dr. Nitin Sahakya, Shiv Sharma, IAS Officer, U.P., Mayur of Bihar Revenue Services, Mukul, IRS, Pune,  IPS Vijay of Gujarat Cadre, Yogesh Garg, IFS, Haryana, Physicians Dr. Premjit Singh, Dr. Shobhangi, Dr. Sneh, Dr. Sonal, Dr. Jitendra Pandey, and Dr. Ashish Chaddda. All are working as representative bridges from various voluntary organizations.

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