Facts about Apple Seed Cyanide

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How would you react when you get to know that your favorite fruit is also a house to several diseases?  

Apples are supposed to be one of the healthiest and delicious fruits that we are munching on since ages. Many health benefits are attached to eating one apple everyday. But do you know the other part of the story? Are you aware of what is Apple Seed Cyanide? Have you ever come across those black seeds hidden deep inside the apples? These black seeds have an unhealthy story to tell. Where apples are recommended healthy and a must addition to your daily diet, the apple seeds are dangerous to health causing various disorders and death.

Apple Seed Cyanide


Facts about Apple Seed Cyanide

The apple seeds consist of a small proportion of chemical composite known as Amygdalin. It is not harmful as far as it is unscathed or swollen accidently. Nevertheless, it takes a heinous turn on being chewed or crushed. It releases a harmful gas popularly known as Apple Seed cyanide that may lead to death if taken in high amounts.


The high amounts consumed will certainly get you in a big trouble. You may be victimized to several disorders and get a paralysis attack, memory loss or even heart failure. A person is said to have taken a high dose of Apple Seed Cyanide if he has munched roughly 200 black seeds of apples. The small proportion on the other hand will not have such big consequences, but can cause mild body clutters. Vomiting, headache, stomach cramps, body ache and other body related turmoil.


Black seed oil on the other hand smells good and is favorable to your skin and hair. It can fight cancer and other diseases. You can get benefited to the numerous advantages attached to the apple seed oil but beware chewing the apple seeds.


Prevention is better than cure – Tips to be safe

Apples are undoubtedly good for health but if not eaten rightly they can land you in misfortune. Keep your eyes and ears open so that you do not get trapped inside the uninvited accidents.


  • It is always commendable to slice the apple into four pieces, remove black seeds from between and then bite on to avoid any mishaps.
  • Alternately, if you are out and want to have an apple, go ahead but don’t forget to spit the seeds out.
  • Few fruits like apricots, peaches and cherries have the kinds of seeds that can produce cyanide when exposed to chewing. If possible do carry other fruits along that do not have such harmful seeds.
  • The seeds if come in contact with your teeth will prove to be detrimental. Avoid giving whole apple to kids, as they might not follow what it takes to be unharmed.
  • Be safe be alert from the harmful Apple Seeds Cyanide. Prevention lies in your hands.


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