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Your food selection affect your health – how you feel today, tomorrow and in the future. Upright nutrition is an imperative part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and uphold a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer and can stimulate your complete health.

Healthy eating includes consuming high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals
and water in the foods you take in while minimizing processed foods, saturated fats and alcohol. Eating in this manner helps you preserve your body’s everyday functions. One of our favorite reasons to smile this season is the profusion of fresh, colorful and did-we-mention delightful fall produce. We present some healthy picks forthe month of October. Healthy Veggie Brigade


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October is the unconcealed best time to get a pumpkin, particularly if you plan on carving it for Halloween. When you buy a pumpkin to carve into a jack-o-lantern this month, get one to eat, too! This low-calorie orange squash acquires its colour from beta-carotene, a phytonutrient our body converts into vitamin A, which is good for eyesight. Its other antioxidants have cancer protective properties as well. Moreover, Pumpkin seed oil is full of phytoestrogens, which research shows are helpful for averting hypertension. Pumpkin seeds provide a good dose of zinc (one-quarter cup contains almost 17 percent of your daily need). The mineral appears to play a role in men’s sexual health, comprising fertility, potency, and sex drive. When shopping for a pumpkin, find one with firm, smooth skin and make sure there are no bruises or cracks. Once you slice into your squash, store the remainder in the fridge with plastic wrap and try to use it within five days. Don’t forget to use the seeds, which are full of iron. You can roast them in the oven with some olive oil and salt until golden brown for a crispy snack.

Cranberries : Healthy Veggie Brigade

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Cranberries are often a prevalent part of Thanksgiving celebrations in the form of cranberry sauce, cranberry drinks and dried cranberries added to stuffing, casseroles or dessert. Of course we are blessed; we can find cranberries without actually getting down and dirty in the bog where they grow. Filled with vitamin C, they also make a great snack at around 45 calories a cup. For many years, researchers alleged that the ability of cranberries and cranberry juice to help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) was some what connected to the strong acidity of the cranberries. Recent research has shown that it’s not the acidity of the cranberries, but the unusual nature of their proanthocyanidins (PACs) that is related to prevention of UTIs. Research bears out that cranberries also guard against cancer, mainlyfrom breast cancer, due in part to potent antioxidant polyphenols. At the grocery store or market, look for firm, dry berries with good colour and keep an eye out for mildew. Once in your kitchen, cranberries keep well in the fridge for several weeks.

Green Beans

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The nutritional paybacks of green beans are hard to argue with. These delightful and crispy beans are low in calories and fat and contain no cholesterol. The fiber content is very high, and it also provides some of your daily protein requirements. These small veggies are overflowing with protein, iron and vitamin A. Green beans contain a high amount of chlorophyll, which can block the carcinogenic effects of heterocyclic amines generated when grilling meats at a high temperature. For women of child-bearing age, consuming more iron from plant sources such as spinach, beans, pumpkin and green beans appears to endorse fertility, according Harvard Medical School’s Harvard
Health Publications. These nutrient-packed beans also provide benefits to the health of your eyes and bones, while
regulating your digestive processes.

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Celery : Healthy Veggie Brigade

Healthy Veggie Brigade

Celery is a vegetable belonging to the Apiaceae family. It is well recognized for its crunchy stalks, which people often
consume as a low calorie snack. This source of vitamin A, potassium and fibre is only 16 calories per cup, and makes a perfect portable snack for adults and kids alike. Celery contains pthalides, which are organic chemical compounds that can lower the level of stress hormones in your blood. Moreover the COX-2 inhibitors present in celery and celery
seeds are also good at reducing uric acid levels, which are the cause of gout attacks. Look for firm stalks and bright
green leaves when choosing the perfect bunch. Wrapped in plastic, celery will keep in the fridge for about a week.


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B is for Broccoli and for blissful health. Forget flowers – this month, bring home a health-boosting broccoli bouquet. These little mini trees are notorious for being pushed off the plates of kids around the world, but broccoli’s status as one of the healthiest veggies still rings true. Studies show this cruciferous vegetable lowers the risk of colon, cervical, lung and bladder cancers. It can also fight the bacteria that causes ulcers. When you’re scrutinizing
the produce section, go for the bright green florets with slender stems and pass on any with buds that have burst into flowers. Adding broccoli to your diet is an easy way to sneak in your daily dose of vitamin C, vitamin A, fibre and potassium. Research has shown the ability of kaempferol to lessen the impact of allergy-related
substances on our body. Healthy Veggie Brigade

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, but pledging to a healthy diet can be one of the smartest decisions you ever make. Research shows that the effect of good health on your quality of life is far-reaching, regardless of your age, sex, or physical ability.

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