KIIT University has set benchmarks in providing affordable and high quality education

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Dr. achyuta Samanta

Founder, KIIT University and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS)

UGC Act of 1956) in 2004, within only six years of commencement of Degree programmes, thus earning it a place in the Limca Book of Records.

“As a hosteller, I would say that it is a home away from home. All the faculty members, mentors and staffs at KIIT University have been a great help and a strong support. I am thoroughly impressed by the campus, which gives me a feeling of international standards of architectural infrastructure. It provides all the best facilities under one roof. I feel empowered by choosing KIIT University for shaping my future,” said Jean Philippe Loua from Guinea who is studying (BBA) from Kalinga School of Management.

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KIIT, now a multi-disciplinary University with 23 constituent Schools offering diverse programmes, has proved itself to be the much sought after higher educational centre of the country. With 18000 students pursuing both graduation and post-graduation studies in Engineering, MCA, Management, Rural Management, Law, Biotechnology, MBBS, MD, BDS, Nursing, Fashion Technology, Cinema & Mass Media Studies, Language and Sculpture, KIIT stands out as a class of its own both in quality and quantity. Student community of the University is extremely disciplined due to its student friendly policies, setting it apart from other institutes.

International Programme

KIIT University greatly values the diversity that international students bring to campus in terms of culture, background and perspectives. A decade long exposure to international environment has led to the formation of infrastructure and support systems which are the most appropriate to welcome foreign students. The University has a proactive International Programme Cell, which provides guidance to international students right from their arrival in the institute in the matters of their cultural, legal and academic needs and other issues of relevance. Keeping in view the communication needs of the prospective students from South Korea, China, Thailand and Japan, the University has established a language lab to improve the communication skills in eight foreign languages including English. There is a dedicated hostel for international students with superior amenities.

KIIT University : Facilities and support services

Mohammad Mashoq Azimy from Afghanistan who is pursuing B. Tech Civil Engineering says “I enjoy being a student at KIIT for two main reasons. First, I have experienced that communicating every day with people with different cultural backgrounds can be quite challenging – for example, minding cultural differences, religious preferences and values and keeping an open mind are some of the important things an international environment can teach a person. The second reason why I like this University is related to the lecturers. All of them are really helpful people who enjoy teaching and being challenged by their students and their fresh ideas.

” Facilities and support services apart, a curriculum tuned to global standard is a major magnetism for foreign students. In order to maintain such high standard, KIIT has roped in faculty and staff members from 13 countries.

“There are several factors that clearly differentiate KIIT from other similar educational institutes. First, an emphasis on behavioural aspects that makes our graduates receptive to new ideas and fit into the corporate culture. Secondly, inculcation of societal responsibilities so that each student is groomed to have empathy for the environment and the society at large,” said Dr. Samanta.

Inspired by his life’s struggle for survival that led to his realization- “Poverty creates illiteracy and literacy eradicates poverty”, Achyuta Samanta committed to live a life of self-sacrifice and to act as the medium to eradicate the ills faced by the deprived children using education as the vehicle of social transformation.

A Legendary Life with a Divine Mission : KIIT University

Proving everybody wrong once again that one needs to be opulent in order to be able to help others, the prolific social architect Achyuta Samanta’s life affirms that one needs a good heart only to help others. If one is genuine, dedicated, makes sacrifices and stays committed one would overcome any obstacle in life to achieve impossible goals. Achyuta Samanta, who has neither any selfinterest nor any personal agenda, has made his mark in leveraging education for poverty eradication, elimination of social alienation, rural development (Smart Village Development), socioeconomic transformation, and world peace. The story of Achyuta Samanta is also tale of overcoming heart-rending struggles in rising from the abyss of poverty to becoming a social architect and a messiah for millions of people. He chose the path of self-sacrifice and social service early in life and embarked way back in 1992 on a social development strategy that has been vindicated today, two and half decades later, by global leaders’ strategy for global developmentthe Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

holistic change in the human

Achyuta Samanta was born in an economically struggling family and soon lost his father at the age of four which plunged the whole family into poverty and starvation. Enduring profound grief of seven young siblings and a widowed mother as together they struggled for survival, the child Achyuta helped his widow mother while she worked as a menial worker, collected garden liter, pounded parboiled rice and other menial jobs, did errands for the fellow villagers, tilled lands and grew vegetables, sold them in faraway markets but took every opportunity to educate him that transformed his life later. His story is nothing less than log-cabin-to-the-white housesaga of Abraham Lincoln.

Achyuta Samanta has also been endorsing and nurturing growth of arts, culture, literature, films and media and spiritualism in his bid to bring about a holistic change in the human society. A good heart certainly touches everysphere of human living.

Undaunted by 45 years of strugglefull life, Achyuta Samanta, who has been extensively decorated world-wide with coveted awards and Honorary Degrees, remains a classic saga of “Domestic help boy next door to a Gusi Laureate”, continues, blessed with indomitable effort, incessant hard work, unlimited patience and endowed with abundant divine blessings, his legendary messianic march for a world sans hunger and deprivation.


KISS : The Humane Face of KIIT

The humane face of KIIT is best exemplified in Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), a protégé of KIIT. KISS, the largest tribal institute of the world, provides food, accommodation, health care and all the basic necessities of life absolutely free to 20,000 poorest of the poor tribal children to pursue their studies here from KG to PG, including vocational training. KISS, an extraordinary experiment to eradicate poverty through education, use of education as
a tool to empower the underprivileged section of the society and provide sustainable employment, is being lauded by statesmen, policy makers, planners, social workers from India and abroad.

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