Megastar Shah Rukh Khan’s Son Aryan Khan Arrested In The Mumbai Cruise Ship Drugs Raid

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Shah Rukh Khan’s 23-year-old son Aryan Khan was arrested on 3rd October by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) along with seven others over the charges of illegally consuming and smuggling drugs in a cruise ship party in Mumbai.

Aryan Khan’s Arrested
Shah Rukh Khan with his son Aryan Khan

On October 2, Saturday, the news of a star kid of one of Bollywood superstars being involved in the illegal smuggling and consuming of drugs did round. However, there was no confirmation about who the star kid was. But soon after the rumors started catching public attention it was revealed that the star kid was none other than Bollywood’s King Khan SRK’s son Aryan Khan. It was also revealed that Aryan Khan was detained by the NCB for questioning. On October 3, Sunday, Aryan Khan was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) along with two others named Munmun Dhamecha and Arbaaz Merchantt. The star kid is currently under custody in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail.

All of the fiasco took place when the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on October 2 raided a party that was happening on a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai. The NCB reportedly recovered various kinds of drugs in the party like MDMA/ Ecstasy, Cocaine, MD (Mephedrone) and charas. Aryan Khan was amongst the several others who were detained by the NCB and further arrested on the charges of illegally consuming and smuggling drugs.

Since the day the news of Aryan Khan getting arrested came out several prominent faces of Bollywood came out in support of Shah Rukh Khan and his son Aryan Khan like Hansal Mehta, Raveena Tondon, Sussanne Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Pooja Bhatt and Sunil Shetty. Hrithik Roshan went to his social media and penned down a beautiful letter for Aryan Khan to show his support on the other hand Sunil Shetty requested the media to let the kid be because he is a child. Some of Shah Rukh Khan’s closest friends from the industry like Farah Khan, Salman Khan and Karan Johar went to Mannat to be with the actor’s family in these trying times. Many celebrities and critics from Bollywood have also spoken against NCB and have questioned whether they have any false agenda over the arrest of one of Bollywood’s megastar’s sons.

Zonal director Sameer Wankhede of the NCB is the one who is in charge of the ongoing drugs case and has also given out statements that the NCB does not discriminate between people, we treat everyone the same, even if someone is a star kid he/she would get the same treatment as the general public.

NCB chief SN Pradhan has said that “We are acting in an impartial manner. In the process, if some connections to Bollywood or rich people emerge, so be it. We have to act within the purview of the law.” The NCB has confiscated Aryan Khan’s phone and have also discovered several WhatsApp chats that prove Aryan Khan’s prior connection with drugs, links to the dark web are also discovered in the star kid’s phone.

Aryan Khan’s case is being handled by an excellent legal team and prominent lawyer Satish Maneshinde who has already represented Bollywood celebrities like Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan and Rhea Chakraborty. Till now several hearings have already been conducted for Aryan Khan’s bail but the Mumbai Court has rejected Star kid’s bail plea. After trying their best to get the Mumbai court to release Aryan Khan, the legal team hired by SRK and Aryan’s lawyer Satish Manshinde has now gone to the Bombay High Court. The court has currently said that they will hear Aryan Khan’s bail appeal on 26 October.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan and his family have not given any public statement regarding the ongoing case yet. Recently, Shah Rukh Khan had visited his son Aryan Khan in jail. Various sources have revealed that Shah Rukh Khan and his family have been in a terrible state since the arrest of their son because never in their wildest nightmare had they thought that their son will be under custody for such a long time. Shah Rukh Khan has also requested his fellow colleagues and friends to not visit Mannat right now as the case is sensitive.

Though this year marks Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan’s 29th anniversary on October 25, Mannat will be having no grand celebrations as the couple awaits the bail of their son Aryan Khan. Having said that, the family did not even celebrate Dussehra because it’s definitely a bad phase for King Khan’s family right now.

On October 21, the team of Narcotics Control Bureau had visited Shah Rukh Khan’s Mumbai house Mannat just a few hours after SRK visited his son Aryan Khan in jail. The officials also said that they had visited the actor’s house for some paperwork and not for any further investigations.

The NCB have also raided Bollywood actress Ananya Panday’s house in the alleged drug case; it is reported that several chats have been discovered from Aryan Khan’s phone that links Ananya Panday to the case. However, the NCB has also made it clear that Ananya Panday is just a witness in the case and has no direct connection with the case. The actress was also questioned by the NCB for the same.

The Union Minister of State for Social justice and Empowerment, Ramdas Athawale has said that the kid should be sent to Rehab rather than to jail. Ramdas Ji showed his concern for Aryan and stated that “It is not good to take drugs at a young age. Aryan Khan has a future ahead. I advise Shah Rukh Khan to send Aryan Khan to a de-addiction rehabilitation Centre associated with the ministry. He should be there for 1-2 months instead of keeping him in jail.”

It has been more than two weeks since the arrest of Aryan Khan, the legal team of Shah Rukh Khan is waiting for the Mumbai High Court decision for Aryan’s case. Meanwhile, it is reported that Aryan Khan is not in a good place himself; the 23-year old celebrity kid is spending his time reading books on Lord Ram. Aryan Khan is been given no such VIP treatment. Any further updates about the case are yet to come.

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