Vibha Narshana : Guest of Honor in Superwoman Achievers Awards 2022

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The women entrepreneurs of today are indeed leading the world in a new era. They're venturing into a variety of fields, including e-commerce, fashion, retail, investing, travel, and anything and everything that’s there for them to explore. There are a lot of great female entrepreneurs who can serve as role models for aspiring entrepreneurs. Vibha Narshana is one of the prominent figures among them. She is the founder of Party and Travel Group, the director of Solitaire Events, a partner of Partra houses, hostels and accommodation, and also a leading entrepreneur and influencer.

Vibha Narshana

Vibha was recently honored as Guest of Honor in Superwoman Achievers Awards 2022 for her outstanding work in the field of travel and events. Dr. Bharati Lavekar, the guest of honor who presented the award to awardees . Kiran Golani, the founder of Super Women, also felicitated her. The event was all about women and Women's Empowerment. Sharad Malhotra, Manoj Malhotra, Aditya Deshmukh, Sajni Shrivastava, RJ Dileep Singh of Radio Adda, Kiku Sharma of Kapil Sharma Show, and the Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai team were among the many celebs that attended the event.

Vibha Narshana

Vibha Narshana established an online company Partra that organizes one-on-one parties and trips. Partra is regarded as one of the best travel and party companies as a result of her efforts and dedication to her work. Vibha pays attention to her clients' needs and gives the best services possible. Her main aim is to make the client feel comfortable and secure. She is also the event director of Solitaire Events. Solitaire has planned over 1000 weddings and events. They also created the PARTRA social group, which is a place for people to socialize, interact, and have a good time. Vibha and her team organize it. She desires to make PARTRA famous all across the world.

Vibha Narshana

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